Sales Ninjaism Blog Series – Overview and Definition

We set out some of our worldview around Sales ninjaism here. This is important because we want to blend storytelling and parallel ideas which interest us, with information about what we do.

This blog series was our first project. We’re attracted to many attributes and aspects of the ninja in stories that exist nowadays. and we see ways that these may be useful to generate success in sales and selling.

Sales Ninjaism

What do ninjas have to do with sales? As it turns out, quite a lot.

Sales professionals can mimic the ninja by planning and acting with agility and quick-witted thinking in changing environments, anticipating their opponents’ moves, and striking with precision and finesse. By mastering these skills, sales professionals can achieve their goals and drive business growth.

In this series of blog posts, I’ll delve into how ninja tactics can be applied to the world of sales. How do we learn from the ninja’s resilience and strategic thinking? How can these principles help us become more effective?

Join me on this journey into the world of Sales Ninjaism, as I uncover the secrets of the Shadow Warriors and explore how they can help us to succeed in the fast-paced and competitive world of sales.

Makeup of the Series

It consists of:

  1. This overview and Definition of Sales Ninjaism – taa daa
  2. Let’s talk Ninja – introducing Ninja and how they fit into our story and a little bit about what we think sales ninjaism would be if there ever was such a thing.
  3. 6 Dots go for a walk – how numbers become stories and how stories become numbers.
  4. Blocks, nuts and bolts – crafting sales structures and roles and making them work.
  5. *Hiring your protectors – a little on the business of hiring salespeople.
  6. *16 Disciplines to a balanced education – learning different parts to sales excellence.
  7. *Wipe on, Wipe Off – a focus on your path to mastery.
  8. *Outro – where to go after this weird experience.

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