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Email 1: Tell us more

Tell us a little more about you and your work. We’re going to discuss three major themes and two smaller themes which affect micro coaching businesses and how they use technology to get things done.

Three major themes:

  1. Client and lead details
  2. Collaborating with your team to get work done
  3. Following the money and keeping proper finance records.

And two smaller themes:

  1. Events and online training courses
  2. GDPR and client communications

In the first instance, tell us a little more about you and the way you work within your coaching practice:

Email 2: Where do your client details live?

Most micro companies do not pay much attention to how they store client details.

Email 3: Did you know?

Chaos won’t help your business grow. Manual data management with spreadsheets and notes is causing you frustration and lost opportunities. Imagine how many follow-ups you missed because you don’t make the time to set manual reminders? If you store your customer data in a notebook on on your laptop hard drive it’s definitely at risk.

Do you have a team? Collaboration should be simpler and hassle-free. You should be able to assign tasks with ease to streamline your workflow.

How about insights? Are you drowning in scattered data and speculation? How do you gather feedback on customer behaviours and buying patterns. Are you truly making the best decisions for the future of your business?